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We are confident that "Save on Plants" will be your last stop when shopping for plants. So much so that we encourage you to visit as many other Garden Centers as possible before coming to us. Make a detailed list of plants that you are interested in along with size and prices. Be sure to know your planting conditions such sun/shade and soil condition i.e. wet area or dry etc. When you have your list finalized, bring it in and see how much you can save. It is that simple.  

This will take the stress out of these important decisions. The more you shop around, the more obvious the advantages of making "Save on Plants" your last stop.

We have created a series of audio slide presentations to answer some of the most common questions we receive from customers.  We hope you enjoy:

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Cedars and other Hedges  -  Over 8,000 arriving in April. Best to wait until mid April early May to plant B&B plants. After mid May you should only be planting properly pot grown cedars or Yews. Keep in mind most pot grown cedars and yews on the market are not properly pot grown. See our video for more info. 

Yews  - 1 - 6 foot sizes, over 1,000 arriving April 7-15. 

Japanese Maples - Over 800 arriving April 7-17.

Free Planting Material Package 

Planting Instructions for Balled and Burlapped Root Balls

Planting Instructions for Potted Plants

Watering and Fertilizer

Evergreen Trees

▶ Boxwoods

▶ Beech Trees


Info-videos end here, tabs below are written files that can be printed on varioius topics.

Welcome to Tree Boys and an Acorn Garden Center, or more commonly known as "Save on Plants".  Please enjoy browsing through the written pages in our site using the index below:

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