Mulch "Super Sac" $49.99 - $59.99


$119.99 Competitors price on super sac of decomposed mystery wood skids.

Only $59.99 for Real Cedar at "save on plants"

or as little as $49.99 when buying 50 or more yards

"Super Sac/Big Big" Equivalent 

We sell only in bagged format but in the case of mulch it can be actually less expensive than loose and it’s always 100% real cedar. See the chart at the bottom for the many benefits of bagged versus loose.


Virtually any small car can carry 1 Cubic Yard (Super Sac Volume) and family vans can carry up to 4 cubic yards so delivery by us is not needed. The bags can are clean and dry allowing them to be easily handled by most people. Dry cedar mulch weighs about 12 pounds per cubic foot, this compares to wet loose mulch that can weigh more than twice that and leach colour.

We Sell Only

Real Cedar Mulch

 Only $59.99 = 1 “Super Sac” or “Big Bag” = 1 cubic yard

$49.99 when buying 50 or more yards, $54.99 at 20-49 yards and $56.99 at 5-19 yards


All Colours – Natural, Dark Brown, Black or Red


$4.44 per equivalent 2 c.f. small bag - This size is not often available at our location. This is the size that you will likely see in most other businesses. Volume can reduce price to the equivalent of $3.70 per 2 c.f. bag when buying 50 or more yards. 


$6.66 ( When buying 1 - 5  Cubic Yards) per 3 c.f. bag – 3 c.f. is our usual size which is 50% larger than the common 2 c.f.

Volume can reduce price to the equivalent of $5.55 per 3 c.f. bag when buying 50 or more yards.


Save Labour

3 cubic foot bags are easy to carry. Shoveling and clean-up is eliminated. Real cedar controls weeds and insects better than any other wood product and without toxic chemicals. We keep our mulch dry and fresh which greatly reduces the weight that has to be lifted by you or your helper. Dry mulch is also much easier and faster to spread.


Save Material

Left over mulch is easily returned or cleanly stored for later use. Real cedar mulch will never go moldy, grow fungus, attract bugs like non-cedar mulch.


Real Cedar

Most bulk mulch is made from chewed up old contaminated decomposed factory skids. Skids are made from the cheapest wood available; none are ever made from cedar. All of our mulch is made from the excess trimmings of virgin premium grade cedar lumber. Only cedar resists decomposing and insects while controlling weeds. Professionally coloured - Our mulches are naturally coloured with non-toxic vegtable die, all done inside a dry facility using permanent equipment that ensures consistency.

Most bulk mulches are done on site in the open weather using lesser quality equipment and even toxic oil based dyes.


Non Toxic

Our natural colouring is made from non-toxic vegetable products. Safe for contact with children and pets. Most  mulches are not dyed with natural colouring but rather oil based chemicals. 


Comparison Chart


  Mulch Comparison Chart                
  “Super Sac” or “Big Bag” Ours              
Price $119.99 $49.99 - $59.99 Don't be fooled,      in this case larger more than smaller packaging.

costs you

Deposit required for sac Usually Never               
Contains decomposed skids     Most bulk mulch is from decomposed and discarded skids as well as any
 non-cedar, kitchen   Usually Never other discarded wood base product. Even those claiming to be cedar may only .
counters or desks etc.      be 15% actual cedar. You can smell the difference with ours.   
Real Cedar ? 100% Skids are never made from cedar,  we use only virgin cedar material    
May Contain Oils/Chemicals Yes Never Our cedar is 100% Virgin Premium Cedar. It is the shavings off of new premium cedar roof shingles. This excellent mulch would otherwise be discarded.     
Shoveling Required Yes Never Open bag with hands and empty versus shoveling out of an awkward bag then 
      wheelbarrow to location. Our bags are 100% recyclable.     
Contains Diseased trees ? Never Mulch can be picked up for free from municipalities and tree cutting business. 
      However it can contain diseased plant material including toxic molds.   
Weed Control Good Better Shavings create a tighter coverage than chunks -   
      this provides better coverage in controlling  weeds    
Controls Bugs and Rodents Attracts and may contain bugs Best - Even repels ticks Cedar is a natural bug and rodent control - this is why it was used to line closets and drawers.     
Non-Cedar Longevity  Decomposes Quickly 20-50 years plus Cedar is used in water and as posts because of its non-decomposing  properties.
Water logged ? Never Sealed packaging ensures light and easy to work with mulch- Dry mulch weighs
      about 12 pounds per cubic foot versus 35 pounds for waterlogged. Also dyes on 
       waterlogged mulch leach onto your hands,clothes and property.   
Messy Yes No                                  No spillage onto  driveway or walkways  
Fluffed Up - looks like more Yes No  Our bags are compressed. Super Sacs are filled loose so     
      the same quantity can appear as more in a Super Sac bag.     
Chemical Dye ? No  We use only non-toxic organic based dyes that are child     
      and pet friendly.          
Smallest Unit 27 cubic feet 3 cubic feet Buy only what you need in smaller units -     no waste   or  shortage.   
Leftover can be returned Never Yes i.e. if you need need 1.5 cubic yards buy 14 bags (=1.55 cubic yards)  
      rather than 2 cubic yards in a supersac format.     
2 or more colours can be  No Yes Landscapers and homeowners love that colours can be kept separate   
loaded simultaneously      from each other when transporting or storing.       
                                      “A Super Sac is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get.”              


Triple Mix $99.99 for Big Bag equivalent = 25.4 of the 30 litre bags, we give you 26 bags.

Coupon is available in our annual flyer which is worth a $20 discount on each yard, net price will be $79.99.

If you do not have a coupon just print this paragraph and bring it in at the time of purchase. If buying more than 

1 yard, then a 20% reduction will be calculated if you have the coupon.

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