5 Year Pro-rated Warranty for all Retail Sales

Because we offer such high quality plants, we have by far the best warranty in the industry on all plants, even roses. Yes even roses! We guarantee plants to be healthy at the time of purchase and will remain so for a full 5 years given reasonable care such as proper watering etc.  Damage caused by animals, vehicles or plants not planted in the ground is understandably not covered as are not plants where the burlap was removed from the rootball.

First year is covered at 100%, second at 50%, third to fifth years are covered at 25%.

While some centers exclude warranty on their “sale” or clearance items, we offer the full warranty on every single plant we sell, even from our clearance area.  If you believe in your product, then why exclude warranty just because it’s on a so called “sale” or even in clearance. Some Garden Centers have even reduced their warranty coverage to only the end of the current planting season, i.e. no warranty over the winter which is the true test of a healthy plant. 


Only the original plants are covered.    
Replacements are not warranted. Delivery is not included in any replacements  
even if original plants were delivered. Warranty is limited to the value of plants.     

Warranty is in the form of credit only, not money refunded. Receipt required. 

For mass plantings such as hedges the entire hedge is warrantied as long as you alert us as soon as the first plant shows signs of health issues. This provides us the opportunity to review your situation and what adjustments need to be made to save the rest of your hedge. This is fair to the plants and us, alerting us when all your plants have died does not offer us the opportunity to help you or the plants.  Most customers have 100% success with hedges and we want you to have the same results. Notify us at the first sign of a problem and we will get you back on track. In most cases it comes down to watering, either too much or too little etc. 

Replacement is based on price paid, not size, as root balls and prices will change etc. 
Warranty does not cover the following:             
damage from animals, machinery, angry neigbours, neglect such as improper   
watering, plants not immediatley planted in the ground, live plants pulled out without prior     
approval, plants where the paper pot or burlap has been removed, plants moved from original planted
location, not planted in proper sun exposure, ex. cedars planted under canopy of other trees.
Watering improperly is the biggest cause of plant failure, be sure to watch     
our info video on our website regarding proper watering. If in doubt, email     
us if you need more clarification. General guidelines have been provided for    
watering, please follow these guidelines and don't rely on sprinklers,      
if you need to vary greatly from these guidelines, it is best you      

discuss this with us first as deviating will invalidate the warranty. Warranty is not transferable to a new homeowner.

Don’t pull out sad looking or dead plants. Talk to us first, many varieties of plants will loose their leaves or have their leaves burnt if underwatered, all they need is to be watered and in most cases will releaf.        

We are extremely proud of our high plant success rate and recognize that low warranty claims helps us to keep our prices down. Quality is just good business.

Warranty only applies to retail sales, wholesale customers have a different arrangement.